Phosphonates additives are used worldwide in a broad spectrum of applications, including industrial water treatment, household & industrial detergents, industrial cleaners and enhanced oil recovery operations. Dequest® Phosphonates are also used in various industrial processes such as desalination, pulp production & bleaching of paper and textiles. For additional information about how Dequest® Phosphonates can solve your water management challenges click on an application listed in the menu.

Phosphonates - Dequest Advantage

As a pioneer in the development of phosphonate based antiscalants and today as the worlds largest manufacturer of phosphonates, Italmatch's Dequest® Phosphonate business offers specialty phosphonate based products with unique attributes that have made Dequest the supplier of choice for phosphonates based antiscalants, dispersants, corrosion inhibitors and chelants in various applications for over 40 years.

Additional Dequest advantages include:

  • Global Sales and Logistics - In addition to the Dequest® Phosphonates global direct sales team, Dequest has developed an integrated logistics network that services customers on all continents, with stocking locations close to our customer's locations. Dequest products are available in various packaging such as drums, IBC's or bulk size to better answer your needs.
  • Market Focused Technical Services - The Dequest® Phosphonates Technical Service Team is made of specialists, knowledgeable in the use of phosphonates in industrial applications, including industrial water treatment, process treatment, secondary oil recovery, detergents, Industrial cleaner, Institutional cleaner, cosmetics, soaps, textile and pulp processing and paper processing.
  • Research & Development - The Dequest® Phosphonates Research and Development division is constantly developing new phosphonates based products and exploring additional applications. This insures a wide range technically advanced phosphonate solutions to meet your unique application needs both today and in the future.

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Phosphonates - Dequest Product Information

Dequest® Phosphonates are organized into product series, based on chemical composition. Together the Dequest® Phosphonates product family provide unique solutions for many of the difficulties encountered with the use and treatment of water. The Dequest® Phosphonates Product series and their chemical basis are listed below. Click on the name of the product series for additional information and a list of specific products associated with each series.

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