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Membrane Separation and Desalination

Membrane Separation, commonly referred to as Reverse Osmosis, is a process which is used to remove dissolved contaminants from water. It is used in the generation of potable water from salt, brakish, well or surface water, the manufacture of process water (eg ultrapure water for the power and electronic industries) and for re-use of waste water. Reverse osmosis (RO) could be thought of as a very sophisticated type of filtering process (on a molecular level). In RO systems, pressure is applied across a membrane to force water from the "contaminated" side to flow through to the "clean" side. Very pure water is produced, as even low molecular weight ionic species and many organics do not pass through the membrane.

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Functional Solutions - FS Series
Industrial & Institutional

Industrial & Institutional cleaning products are functional to meet the needs of a large and diverse market ; segments include janitorial, health care, food processing, food service, textile maintenance and vehicle cleaning.

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Paper & Pulp

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