Web privacy policy & Cookie

Web privacy policy & Cookie
The purpose of  the Privacy Policy is to describe the management modality on this site in reference to the usage of cookies, and the consent to the use of personal data.
It involves the informational return data in accordance with the article 13 and 122 of Privacy Law on the subject of personal data protection (L.D, 196/03, Privacy Law), and based on the general measures approved by the Authority on the 8th of May 2014, in the subject of cookies, for those who are visiting this site, www.dequest.com of Italmatch Chemicals SpA
This advisory notice is valid only for the above-mentioned site (later referred to as “Site” or “this Site”) and possible sub-domains related to this site. The advisory notice is not valid for other related links consulted by visitors.
The aforesaid website is administrated by Italmatch Chemicals Spa which at the same time owns all the property rights.
Italmatch Chemicals SpA guarantees the compliance of legislative rules for the protection of personal data in accordance with the Code of Conduct of the Italmatch Chemicals SpA
We exhort all our visitors to read carefully the advisory notice and Privacy Law before they submit any personal information and/or fill in any electronic form on the website.
Typology and purpose of data treatment
1-Navigation data
The information technology and the software procedures designating the performance of this site acquire, in their ordinary administration, some personal data which is being transferred implicitly by capturing navigation data and transmitting them to the protocol of the Internet communication.
This informative data are not gathered and used to identify visitors and their personal information, but could, through processing and integration with data held by third parties, to identify users/visitors (eg. IP address, domain names of computers used by users connecting to the site, the code indicating the status of response data from the server, type of browser, etc.). 
This data can only be used for statistic information (are therefore anonymous) and to assure proper site performance. The web contact data are not being stored more than six months, unless an examination is need due to Internet offence against the website.
No data arising from the web service will be publicised.
2.1 General information about cookie
A cookie is a small piece of text sent to the browser (terminal) by a website which is being used, where is marbled and resent to users every time they re-visit the site through the same terminal. Any website can send cookies on behalf of third parties, different from the Internet site that is being visited (through other instruments like banners, maps, pictures, sounds and specific links connected to other domains).
There are two types of cookies, 1-session cookies, or temporary cookies, that are cancelled automatically after a visitor finishes navigation by closing the browser; 2-and the later ones, persistent cookies that remain until the expiry date, or manual cancellation by the visitor.
Cookies have different purposes. They are principally used for communication transmission or for a service required by the user/visitor, more precisely they permit enabling and optimising the site performance, putting on IT probation and also preventing abuses. Cookies have also the purpose to help the visitor to keep connected, inside specific areas with no need to reinsert user-id and password, and at the same time, it can help memorising useful information about the visitor (browser type or visitor's preferences).
The above-mentioned cookies are called “technical” cookies, and for their use, there is no need for the visitor's approval, as without them it will be impossible to fulfil some operations, would make them more complex and /or less secure.
Otherwise, if cookies have different purposes, like analysing the visitor's behaviour and sending personalised advertising they are called “outline” cookies. For so called “analytic cookies” which serve more for capturing data and outlining the way visitors navigate inside the website, the visitor's consent is compulsory. Indeed, before these cookies can be sent to a visitor's terminal, the approval by clicking on a banner which appears immediately on the website is necessary. This information is a synthetic information about the Privacy Law and general measures approved by the Authority on the 8th of May, 2014.
In any case, cookies can be read or changed by the website page which generated them, and they cannot gather data from the visitor's terminals or transmit any viruses to their terminals.
Some of the cookies' tasks can be carried out by other technologies, therefore in the present advisory notice, the “cookie” term indicates every technology that can have the same purpose.
2.2 Cookies employment in this Site
This Internet site can use two types of cookie, 1- session cookies, 2- persistent cookie. The typology generated directly by this site are: 
“technical” cookie used for two reasons: a) for a better operability of audio-visual contents, by using the flash player programme, b) for a correct connection performance.
2.4 Cookies management on Site
Cookies can be managed by visitors through their browser.
A) Browser Settings
The visitor can manage own cookie preferences through functionality that can be found almost in all browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Apple Safari), which allow them to cancel or block some (or all) of the cookies, or just permit some of them on specific sites. It is also possible to learn the modalities of how to set up the setting browser (usually through the tool bar) going to the support page of cookies service provider.
Internet navigation in itself is not precluded while the cookies are disabled, but some of the functions cannot be accomplished and the navigation can be difficult and unsafe. In reserved areas, inside the website, while cookies are disabled, it is impossible to fulfil and maintain the visitor log-in during the same session.
3- Data supplied voluntarily by users/visitors
In case users/visitors, while are connected to this site, are sending any personal information to have access to reserved areas, or to receive any service or information on their e-mail box, Italmatch Chemicals SpA will automatically acquire e-mail address or other information in question in order to answer a request or to provide better service.
Personal data of users/visitors can be passed on to a third party just in case it is necessary to fulfil a visitor's request.
Term treatment
Data treatment is carried out through IT or online systems and/or manually (paper copy) within the necessary time to obtain preset targets. This data is used only for the purposes for which is being gathered in full respect of Privacy Law.
Discretion in data provision
With the exception of navigation data, the users/visitors are entirely free to furnish additional personal information. The lack of information, may only involve the inability to obtain the requested services.
Holder, official representative and individuals in charge
Italmatch Chemicals SpA - located in via Pietro Chiesa, 7/13 – 16149 Genova, is the only holder and responsible for the data treatment.
In the following link http://www.dequest.com/web-privacy-policy-cookie it is possible to retrieve the list with all individuals in charge of data treatment.
Inside the company, user/visitor data are treated by employees in charge who you can find in the above link. The employees in charge work under strict control of a supervisor and the authority in full respect of Law.
The rights of users/visitors
The users/visitors have anytime access to their personal data section. They can also exercise every right listed below (ask for data origin, correct them, update new information, cancel old information that is used in violation of the Law, object the use of data for any reason) as provided by article 7 of Privacy Law, by sending an e-mail to the address below: info@italmatch.com